Abbey St. Brendan


A Typical FairytaleStory editor, Script editor

Abbey was the script editor for this delightful Storyhive short film about a family coming to terms with the fact that their child is trans, and created the final shooting version of the script. Produced by Exeunt Productions. Nominated for a Leo for writing!

How I Met My MotherLyricist

Geekenders' hilarious sendup of "Back to the Future" was a musical filled with song parodies sung live with a live band. Abbey wrote the lyrics for all but one of the songs, including "The Wrongest Time" (from Billy Joel's "The Longest Time"), "When This Baby Hits 88" (from Thoroughly Modern Millie's "The Speed Test"), and "The Time Car" (from RHPS's "The Time Warp")!

Slumber HereWriter, Performer

She wrote the majority of the script (co-written with director Fairlith Harvey) for this interactive theatre experience based loosely on Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", in which audience members could work to save Queen Titania from King Oberon's cruel pranks, dance with the faeries, and rescue Caliban from their chains, among other things! Winner of "Spirit of the Fringe" 2017!

Working with Abbey is like jumping into an ocean of ideas and knowledge. I’ve never worked with someone who I’m able to throw ideas at and only receive bigger and better versions of those ideas back. It’s rare to encounter someone who has such a huge amount of creativity to draw upon, but also has the focus and the skill set to bring those ideas to life!Annette Reilly, Exeunt Productions


Walt Dismal PresentsProducer, Director, Lyricist, Performer

Abbey created, directed, and produced this full-length musical comedy that was a romp through scene after scene riffing on pop culture touchstones including "Fight Club", "Apocalypse Now", and even "Fifty Shades of Grey", turning them into 'beloved Walt Dismal classics' complete with songs parodied from a kinder, gentler Walt.

SlashdanceProducer, Lyricist, Performer

Impossible Things' fourth musical comedy was an affectionate but sticky mockery of 80s horror movies and tropes, with parodies of 80s music. If you ever wanted to see Pinhead singing a parody of Toto's Africa or Leatherface agreeing with George Michael that 'you gotta have face', this was the show for you. Abbey produced Slashdance, wrote the song lyrics, and appeared (among other things) as "The Shining"'s Jack Torrance. Directed by Casey Por.

Preacher ComfortsProducer, Lyricist, Performer

The third musical comedy from Impossible Things brought parodied Broadway musicals to the Bible's more outré stories and saw Moses singing "Frozen"'s 'Let Us Go', Samson and Delilah doing "Little Shop of Horrors"'s heartfelt duet 'Suddenly Samson', and six merry murderers from the Old Testament performing "Chicago"'s 'God's Love Tango'. Once again Abbey produced the show and wrote all its lyrics. Directed by Matthew Simmons.

Abbey is Artistic Director of Impossible Things Productions
Abbey always has another layer of insight into a script. She perceives not only the tropes underlying a story, but the unique features that make each story different from the others. As a writer and an actor, Abbey's perceptual acuity gives her work depth and humour. I highly recommend working with Abbey, especially in a writer's room where her ability to understand other people's ideas as well as explain her own thinking make her a great collaborator.Matthew Horrigan, Cascadian Institute of Cultural Design


Monsterkill 5Performer, Voice Actor, Script Consultant

In the "Cascadian Institute"'s debut theatrical performance, five misfit video game characters struggle to survive and stay sane in a dystopian world of only battle. Abbey served as script consultant and also played the older, wiser, disillusioned character Ultramon – as well as the voice of the dread overlord 'Intercom'. Produced by the Cascadian Institute of Cultural Design.

The FallVoice Actor

In this acclaimed adventure game in which a powered battle suit's AI discovers what it means to be a person, Abbey played five very different characters who all form part of the interconnected puzzle sequence that spans the latter half of the game. Produced by Over The Moon Games.

The SwitchPerformer

The television pilot episode of The Switch - the world's first transgender sitcom! - starred Abbey as the intimidating, sadistic, and surprisingly butch big bad, 'Toni'. Produced by Trembling Void Studios.

Detailed acting resumeAnimation VO Demo – Commercial VO Demo
Whether it's writing, creative producing, or whatever needs doing, Abbey gets her it done well and on time. She's funny, motivated and professional. Hire her.Amy Fox, Trembling Void

Et Cetera

Graphic Design & Corporate Dress

Abbey has worked on graphic art and branding for many years. She creates all the marketing materials for Impossible Things and other shows she is involved with, and also creates branding/corporate dress packages from time to time.

Software & Hardware

Finally, Abbey is also a senior software developer, both on the desktop and as a full-stack web developer. She has designed databases, architected enterprise systems, and wired sites for internet access.